What is WedAward Contest?

WedAward Contest is an International Wedding Photography Contest which holds Wedding Photography Competitions every month. The results of each Collection are published every month on the Website and Instagram page. At the end of each Competition year (12 Awards) we publish the List of the Best International Wedding Photographers.

How can I advertise as Wedding Photographer?

1. Your profile is placed on the Photographers Page after uploading 4 photos in the gallery or if you won 3 or more Awards.
2. If you have more than 3 Awards you can publish Wedding stories that we publish on the Main Page and on the Wedding stories page.
3. At the end of each year you can be placed on the Top Wedding photographers page if you have enough winning photos.
4. You can buy Premium Features.

How can I submit?

- Follow sign in form to register on the Website;
- Click “Participate in the contest” button in your profile;
- Pay Award Entry Fee;
- Upload photos for the collection.

What should I do if I didn't get activation code after registration?

If you had registered on the Website and still didn't get activation code on your email, please, double check if you made a mistake entering your email address and spam folder. If there is no email in spam folder and you entered correct email address, email us at info@wedaward.com for activating your account.

I can't find my city in the list of cities during registration.

You can choose any other city in your country and register. After that you can e-mail us at info@wedaward.com and we will add your city to our database, you can change it in your profile anytime.

What photos can I upload?

You can upload photos that you took yourself, without logos or frames.

How many photos can I upload per one collection?

You can upload 5 photos if you are a premium user and 3 if you are not. You also have an opportunity to upload more images paying extra charge.

Can photos uploaded for the previous collection be resubmitted for the next collections?

If you are sure that submitted images, which were not awarded, deserve being reconsidered, you may upload these photos for the next collection once again.

How many times can I participate in the award?

You are recommended participating in Award every month because at the end of the Competition Year we count all the Awards and make a Rating of the Best Wedding Photographers worldwide.

Why my photos become darker after uploading?

All Websites stripe the color profile because it is ignored by web browsers online, hence the color change. For getting rid of the image "color profile" with the help of Photoshop you should choose "file → save for web". The "save for web" in Photoshop or any editing program will read the information in the color profile and apply it to the image. After that you may upload images without losing colors.

What advantages do I get becoming a Premium Member?

Premium Features include following benefits:
- 40% Discount for participation in the collection;
- Upload 5 photographs in a single collection instead of 3;
- Advertise on the Main Page in the Photographers block (randomly among all premium users);
- Upload Wedding Stories;
- Get the First positions on the Wedding Photographers page.

Should I pay Award Entry Fee for participation in each collection if I got Premium Features at additional charge?

Premium Features doesn't include covering paying Award Entry Fee but include a 40% discount for participation in each Award Contest.

How do I know that my photos are submitted?

After you pay fee and upload minimum one image then the 'submit' button appears. Click it and you will see uploaded images.

How can I delete or change submitted image?

If you want to delete or change any image you submitted before the deadline, e-mail us at info@wedaward.com and we will delete or change your image.

Can my studio name be used on the Winning logo?

No, only real name of a photographer should be used. You can write your Studio/Business name during registration or later in your profile and it will be displayed during posting on the Website and Instagram. Please enter the contest using your real name. We will always display a credit alongside your photo as it appears on the Website and Instagram page. We do not accept photos with watermarks or descriptive text.

How can I get to the Top Wedding Photographers List?

At the end of the year we count all the awards and make a Rating of the Best Wedding Photographers Worldwide. If you are among photographers who won more Awards since a year, you will be included to the list of Top World Best Wedding Photographers.

How can I get to the Wedding Photographers List?

Photographer’s profiles are displayed on the Wedding Photographers page according to the next sequence:
1) Premium Users;
2) Entrants who have at least one awarded image.
The more awards you have the higher your position in the list;
3) Entrants who uploaded more than 4 photos in the gallery.
The list is sorted by the number of added images.

Why can’t I upload Wedding Stories?

Uploading Wedding stories is available to Photographers who won more than 3 awards and Premium Users

What about copyrights?

All uploaded photographs belong to their owners. We don't have the right and don't use it anywhere else, only on our Website and on our Instagram profile.

Where can I send questions and feedback?

Please e-mail further questions to info@wedaward.com or use our feedback form.